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8 reasons why Access Control a must have for your Fitness Center

8 reasons why Access Control a must have for your Fitness Center Pairing convenience and security may seem contradictory at…

Pairing convenience and security may seem contradictory at first. But advances in automated Gym entry controls have come a long way in the last few years. An effective entry control solutions enables staff to concentrate on customer service. Instead of them having to constantly police who is coming in and out of the center.

If you have a team engaged to manually check-in your members, there is definitely a customer experience worry. While, it is always nice to be greeted with a friendly smile, we live in a technologically advanced age. Where digital mediums should ideally manage this process.

Here are 8 reasons to invest in an Access Control system for your fitness center:

1. Operate around the clock:

You will be better positioned to operate 24/7, with a quality access control system. Thus enabling the members to access your facilities at any time of day! Gyms with non-optimised access controls may witness many rogue people entering their facility. Most health club owners do not stay open round the clock due to security concerns. But with this advanced access control system in place, no one can gain access without the right credentials.

2. On-time membership renewals:

As a gym service provider, it’s crucial that all your members are paying their monthly dues on time. To avoid access control restriction to the gym facility, most of the members renew their membership on time. Members are likely to pay their outstanding settlements when alerted by an auto-generated notification, rather than being informed by a staff member. This is another reason why investing in efficient, high-tech access control system can prove beneficial.

3. Improve member retention:

With access control facility, check-in information is recorded. This data will enable you to understand members that have not been actively using your fitness facility. And most likely will not renew their gym membership. You hence, have an opportunity to engage the inactive members and ensure that they use your gym services to be retained in the future.

Efforts on retaining your existing members is always better than the cost involved in new customer acquisition.

4. Eliminate front desk staff to mark member attendance:

Employing a staff to oversee members entering the gym costs money! With efficient gym access controls, you can replace your front desk team with more significant tasks and eliminate human intervention.

5. Foolproof accurate entry system:

Access Control system eliminates the misuse of the membership & other gym facilities as it uses a member’s fingerprint to grant access. This type of entry system is highly accurate and almost foolproof!

6. Strategize marketing plans with access control data:

An Access Control system will help you to identify the peak hours of your health club. Similarly, you can offer memberships/fitness plans based on time slots i.e. as a business strategy you can offer discounted memberships/fitness plans at timings when the club is in non-peak hours. This can build up fitness centers usage in those non-peak hours and increase your revenue!

7. Provide flexibility to members to use your other centers and increase member satisfaction:

Access Control stores data of each and every member in the database, so if a member goes on a business trip to another city/country they can access the branch gym center and use the facilities.

8. Administration becomes a cakewalk!

Automatic sync between member management and access control simplifies and automates the process making it hassle free for the Admin to maintain database manually.

The importance of access control in a fitness center, hence, cannot be undermined. Apart from causing the obvious loss of business, the lack of a tamper proof access control system also creates an unprofessional picture of your club. The Gym owners need to pay more attention to finding security solutions that address both the needs of administrators and their users.

FitnessForce gym management software is integrated with ESSL security, Suprema and Gantner access control devices.

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