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Improve member’s calling experience and bring efficiency with Avaya’s Follow-up integration

To enable you serve your members better, we have integrated Avaya’s softphone pop-up system application with the FitnessForce Web Application.…

To enable you serve your members better, we have integrated Avaya’s softphone pop-up system application with the FitnessForce Web Application. This integration will automatically display the member’s user profile on receiving a call from an existing member. FitnessForce Database stores the existing profile information.

This feature will help in reducing the member’s inquiry creation time. Hence, resulting in a more satisfied customer and a more efficient performance by the front desk personnel and membership counselors.

This is particularly advantageous for gyms that operate at a relatively larger scale and/or have multiple chains at different locations. Moreover, in the case of receiving a call from a prospect, the integration will open up an inquiry page. Enter and store details of the prospects for future purposes.

You can enable this feature by inputting this URL in the already-existing Avaya Pop-up feature’s setting: *yoururl*

The caller id at the end of the URL will be passed on by the Avaya Soft-phone Agent X. However, you will have to replace the Tenant Id in the URL. Your own unique Tenant Id, needs to be updated on the URL.

Note: For the integration to open the member’s user profile and the number should be present in the profile. The profile should be under either ‘Phone Number 1’ or ‘Phone Number 2’ field.

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