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Centrally manage your campaigns and offers for your growing gym chain

Centralized Campaign is a feature through which gyms can centrally manage offers for multiple centres. You can centrally design your…

Centralized Campaign is a feature through which gyms can centrally manage offers for multiple centres. You can centrally design your promotions in easy steps with complete control to manage the campaign settings to fit your offer strategies.

Configure the campaign first through the Campaign >> Campaign Filter option on the company page. This will provide list of existing campaigns if any, or provide the option to create new campaign.

Highlights of the feature:

  • The central campaign administrator will have the feasibility to define the offer template based on your marketing needs.
  • The ability to configure the campaign on the company level and select the centres on which you want to run the offer promotions.
  • Branding your gym and promotions by modifying the campaign creation fields like campaign name, description and logo.
  • Feasibility to define the settings likes upgrade, cost, required documents to the offer template.
  • Configure specifications of product like transferring option, freeze option and including base membership to the campaign.
  • Mobile application and client portal page will reflect all campaign changes made in the company page.

Now with FitnessForce centralized campaign feature, you don’t have to worry about the complicated processes and operational pain involved with campaigns for your packages, products and stocks for your multiple centers. Our software will ensure gyms can centrally manage offers for multiple centers with complete ease and efficiency.

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