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A gym that offers childcare services can attract more members

Gym is the catalyst for fitness and happiness, right? At least this is how I’ve always imagined them. Gym provides…

Gym is the catalyst for fitness and happiness, right? At least this is how I’ve always imagined them. Gym provides an environment where everyone drives their commitment to succeed in their fitness journey. Over time, people attend the gym regularly, but it’s hard for them to stick to workout routine when you are constantly interrupted by your kids’ needs.

As someone who works out at her local gym, I was shocked to learn that they do not provide a childcare service for their members. Why would a gym not offer childcare services? I mean, it makes sense as childcare services are quite influential when it comes to choosing a daycare center. But just because it doesn’t make sense to me, doesn’t mean that there is no market for such a service.

As a parent, it’s hard to be away from your children. But when you’re trying to find time for yourself, or just want to hit the gym with your friends, nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you have to leave your kids somewhere-other than where you can keep an eye on them. Kids need supervision at all times, and any situation is a potential threat. Let’s look into why you should consider offering childcare services at your gym.

Childcare services are a great idea for gyms that are busy with parents. Here is why?

Why Childcare is Essential for Your Health Club

It’s no surprise that childcare has several uses to the fitness industry. From helping parents work out around busy schedules, to keeping kids fit while also staying healthy and active, it can be an incredibly valuable tool in your gym arsenal. So we decided to take a deeper look at a few of its benefits, how it works, and why you should consider setting up this type of service at your gym.

Competitive edge over your competitors

Every gym is fighting for membership. They’re losing out on valuable customers because it can sometimes be hard to leave children with a babysitter and go workout. Fitness industry parents know that childcare centers at the gym are invaluable, so they’ve been clamoring for their needs to be met while they’re there. I have come up with a competitive edge over other wellness facilities: a childcare center at the gym.

Attract More Customers to Your Fitness Business

Running a fitness center with childcare is an effective way to attract a wider and more diverse flow of potential customers. Before you add on-site childcare at your gym, it is important to consider several industry trends and the ideal clientele your business wants to reach. This quick guide will help you determine if adding child care at your gym is the right option for you.

Increase your profit revenue

Childcare services are in demand. Providing this service can attract members and make a gym busier on the weekends. This is a great strategy to maximize your business and meet the needs of your members. Maximizing your business means increasing your revenue as well positively impacting your profit margins. Also by starting a daycare at the fitness center, you will get extra money from what you charge for renting space for childcare.

Not as difficult to manage as you think

tarting a childcare at the gym is not as difficult to manage as you think, but if you’re going to do it right, it is important that you approach it from all angles. Running a childcare/parent’s changing area is more than just childcare. It’s also about managing customers and the space in which they are using. If you only hire one person to supervise some children, then you might not need to hire more people than that. You can even do this yourself if you don’t have enough money for another hire. Also, if your gym is secured and safe, you can leave the children unattended in the general common kids area.

How your gym management software can help!!

Now if you have decided to add childcare to your gym, to professional manage it your gym software will definitely be a good solution. FitnessForce club management software is a one-stop platform for managing all of your member data in one place. You can your spot for facilities of the gym including the day care center. You can customize your requirements on the software to fit in your business need.


If you’re a multi-functional fitness service provider, offering childcare can help your clients, who are parents, be more comfortable with their exercise routines. By offering a childcare service, you will appeal to more families and will therefore attract more customers. Offering a childcare service in your gym will make it easier for parents to get bigger workouts.

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