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How Digitization is Changing the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is on the verge of a digital transformation, and it’s time you understood why. With advancements in…

The fitness industry is on the verge of a digital transformation, and it’s time you understood why. With advancements in fitness technology, the manner in which people stay fit is rapidly shifting and how they’re being led to exercise is being reversed. The age of searching “gym classes near me” and pounding the pavement is coming to an end.

The fitness industry is huge despite not being seen as a primary industry. The success of gyms and health clubs is an indicator that there are many people who really do want to live the healthy lifestyle. This means the fitness industry remains relevant and profitable even in today’s digital world. But what about the future? I guess that is why I am writing this article for you.

People used to work out by doing exercises at home or buy magazines with photos of fitness models. Both formats were prone to errors and mistakes which could even lead to injuries. Modern technology has evolved a great deal since then which led to the creation of a digital platform that enables people of all disciplines to directly communicate and exchange information. The fitness industry is one obvious beneficiary of this new technology, where information can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. This is possible through the internet which has made it easier for people to get started on their fitness journey in the first place or grow their business in a sustainable way.

Connected Customers, Connected Products

Modern consumers are more connected than ever before. What happens in the world of social media has a direct effect on what they buy. You need to understand how this works, and how you can use connected customers to sell more fitness products.

Customers are social, mobile and online. They consume content and want to share it with friends, comment on it, give instant feedback and ask questions related to their purchases. This is the new social consumer, who knows what he wants and doesn’t need a click-through to get it.

Digitizing to Empower, Not for Scale

It’s no secret that most gym owners hate technology. They see it as an unnecessary expenditure or a source of distraction at best, and a liability at worst. Yet, we’re seeing more fitness facilities going digital.

Technology is crucial in this industry! Exercise is no longer an isolated activity. It’s a community event! Clients want to be able to work out any time, from anywhere. They need flexible scheduling, and customized programs–and marketers are catching on fast.

Get started with your brand online

It’s no secret how important online presence is today. A website that gives you credibility and visitors that will convert to customers (if done right). It can be hard to get started if you are trying to build your own brand but don’t want to spend thousands on it.

Focus on building your personal brand

A lot of fitness professionals struggle to build their personal brand. They either lack the time, resources, knowledge or experience needed to make their online presence stand out from the crowd. Every fitness professional dreams about creating their own image that’s true to who they are but getting more and more people to see that image is difficult when you don’t know how to do digital marketing correctly for your business.

Deal with negative comments and reviews

As a fitness professional, or any business owner for that matter, you just have to deal with negative comments and reviews online. There isn’t much you can do to prevent them. The best thing you can do is build yourself an armour of positive reviews. Something that works really well are mini retreats for customers who write good reviews.

How to digitize your fitness business

Create a social media page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

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Update your website content to make it more relevant

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Instagram powerful tool to increase your followers and update fitness hashtags

Post on Instagram to Get your Fitness Community of Followers!

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Summary: The Future of the Fitness Industry

Digitization has started to revolutionize the fitness industry. Fitness apps and wearables designed to encourage wellness and encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle have become increasingly more popular. Today, it is not rare for an individual person to track his or her runs with a fitness app, monitor workouts with a wearable device, watch workout videos through a fitness app or even more advanced ones with VR headsets or go on a lifestyle improvement challenge with expert trainers and fellow app users. This creates a great potential for growth of the fitness industry both offline and online.

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