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Engage your gym members during Covid-19 with workout videos on the member app.

Covid-19 has put many countries into lock down. As gyms are categorized as high-risk zones your gym members are unable…

Covid-19 has put many countries into lock down. As gyms are categorized as high-risk zones your gym members are unable to visit the fitness facilities. Even post lock down members may not be able to return to the fitness facilities centers. In such a situation, promoting workouts that members can do from their homes, is best chance to retain them. And, in the process, keep them engaged with you. This will provide convenience to your members, and result in improved brand loyalty.

For this, FitnessForce gym management software has introduced the workout from home feature. The feature will now enable you to display workout videos on the Member App. These videos can be of exercises with no equipment or with little equipment’s usually found at homes. You can classify videos under different categories and your members can watch them whenever they want to workout. This functionality is relevant if people are staying at home due to poor weather conditions. Or, even have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow them to move out.

To use this feature, follow the steps given below:

  1. Create a YouTube Channel.
  2. Create multiple playlists for the different workout categories on your YouTube Channel. This can be displayed on the Member App.
  3. Provide your Account Manager with the URLs of the different playlists. Also include some relevant photos for the workout category of each playlist.
  4. The Account Manager will enable those playlists, and the videos under them, to appear on the Member App. The members will then be able to watch any of these videos on demand and do their workout.
  5. Any video that you upload on your Channel will now automatically display on the Member App.
  6. Upload the videos under the playlists, displayed on the Member App.
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