Fitness Instagram Hashtags: Make Use Of These Trends On Instagram To Grow Online Followers In 2023

Fitness Instagram Hashtags Thanks to Social Media surge in popularity over the past few years, Instagram can now be even…

Fitness Instagram Hashtags

Thanks to Social Media surge in popularity over the past few years, Instagram can now be even more important for your business to engage with than Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. With over 2 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and WhatsApp.

Overall, instagram has a user base of about 3 billion. This is out of the potential 4 to 5 billion users globally. And Instagram is still growing. It is already out of its coffee years and is now progressing to the beer and wine stages. I am happy to see this as this gives me hope for most businesses to grow bigger just like Instagram and the fitness industry enitirely. Instagram is a powerful social media platform for brands, it allows a brand to show its personality and product in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

The fitness industry’s social media presence is massive, with a potential of over 3 billion users. In comparison, Instagram has 2 billion active monthly users. With the fitness industry growing larger every year, it will soon be just as large as Instagram. And that is great news for everyone in the fitness industry!

Being popular on Instagram can make a huge difference for your fitness business. Many new businesses use Instagram as a way of marketing their products and services. No matter if you’ve been in business for years or just launching, it’s easy to set up an effective Instagram profile, create posts and add hashtags to grow your online audience and followers!!

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound symbol.

On Instagram, it serves as an indication (for users and algorithms) that a piece of content relates to a specific topic or belongs to a category.

Hashtags help make content discoverable in on-platform searches and, effectively, reach more people.

Hashtag basics

  1. They always start with # but they won’t work if you use spaces, punctuation or symbols.
  2. Make sure your accounts are public. Otherwise, the hashtagged content you write won’t be seen by any non-followers.
  3. Don’t string too many words together. The best hashtags tend to be relatively short and easy to remember.
  4. Use relevant and specific hashtags. If it is too obscure, it will be hard to find and it won’t likely be used by other social media users.
  5. Limit the number of hashtags you use. More isn’t always better. It actually looks spammy.

Why use hashtags?

  • Increase engagement with your followers

Including hashtags in your posts means taking part in a conversation happening on that social media platform. And most importantly, it makes your posts visible in that conversation. This can lead to greater engagement, boosting your brand’s social media engagement through likes, shares, comments, and new followers.

  • Build brand awareness with branded hashtags

Creating a branded hashtag can be an effective way to promote your business and drive conversations.

  • A way to show support for social issues

Using a hashtag that’s connected to an issue beyond your brand is a way to mobilize behind an important cause or issue.

  • Add context to a social media post

On Instagram, longer captions aren’t always the most effective. Using a hashtag can be a simple way to contextualize what you’re talking about, without using up valuable characters or writing repetitive captions.

  • Help your target audience find you

On Instagram, users can follow hashtags as well as other users. Using a few popular hashtags can be another way to help new users find your brand. For example, if you use #fitness on your Instagram posts, someone who follows that hashtag will see your recent post in their feed. You might gain some new followers this way.

  • Disclose sponsored partnerships

This section is for influencers and brands who work with influencers. When working with brands, influencers have to let their audiences know that a piece of content is sponsored. So, influencers: always add hashtags clearly indicating a sponsorship to branded posts. Brands: make sure that you look for such hashtags when reviewing and accepting influencer content.

5 ways to find the best hashtags

1. Monitor social media influencers and competitors

Social media has taken the world by storm. Every week new businesses are coming up, learning how to take advantage of this opportunity. There are hundreds of millions of people across billions of social media platforms making it a priority in their daily lives. As an aspiring fitness professional, you can use these platforms as tools to promote your business, build a community with your followers, as well as keep track on what your competitors are doing on social media. This means more visibility and brand recognition for you.

2. Use is an amazing tool that helps you find the right hashtag for your social media campaigns. It lets you dig down deep into hashtags without having to Google them one by one which is very time-consuming. It’s a useful tool for those looking to understand their audience through hashtags, improve their SEO through finding relevant hashtags to use, and even get help with getting the attention of top bloggers by using their prime hashtags that they use.

3. Know which hashtags are trending

If you want to get a jump on relevant content within your niche, start tracking hashtags. While it’s never too late to start, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the conversations are developing and changing in your industry. If you’re planning a webinar or conference and want to know what hashtags are trending, use to track them.

4. Find related hashtags

If you’re trying to grow your following on Instagram, you know how important it is to find related hashtags. But the truth is, finding the right ones is not always easy. If you go about it the wrong way, you could waste hours and just end up with a ton of random related hashtags which don’t help you at all. That’s why we had our software developer create this small tool that crawls Instagram and finds related hashtags for your photos. It includes 10K related tags and can be used straight from your computer or smartphone!

On LinkedIn, you can find more hashtag recommendations after clicking on a hashtag. Choose the “Discover more hashtags” buttons after clicking on the ellipsis.

5. Analyze which hashtags were successful on past posts

Keep track of which hashtags you’re using on your posts to see if some are more popular than others. If you notice that certain hashtags are often used in the comments of your posts, include those hashtags in your future posts

A couple essential hashtag tips:

  1. Consider posting your hashtags as the post’s first comment so followers can focus on the great caption you’ve written.
  2. With an Instagram Business account, you can access Instagram Insights. Then you can see how many impressions your profile got from hashtags.


Hashtags are a great way to increase your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. By attaching a hashtag to your content you can join a discussion or show that your post is related to a popular topic.

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