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Fitternity integration with FitnessForce software improve’s gym’s experience

Fitternity is a one-stop destination for fitness and largest fitness discovery and booking platform. Fitternity enables bookings across categories of…

Fitternity is a one-stop destination for fitness and largest fitness discovery and booking platform. Fitternity enables bookings across categories of fitness services & centres across locations. Users enjoy in-depth information like photos, videos, descriptions and amenities available for every fitness centre. Along with ratings & reviews enabling informed decision making for the new fitness user.

What does Fitternity integrating with FitnessForce gym management software mean to the Fitness centers and gyms?

The gyms were unable to track the members that joined the gyms through Fitternity platform. And required to checked FitnessForce posts manually to retrieve this information. Now with the FitnessForce software integration with Fitternity addresses this concern. FitnessForce software captures all sales closed on the Fitternity platform and posts automatically in your gym management software.

Not just sales, all inquires created on Fitternity website, can be shared with the gyms. The gyms and fitness centers can use the information for follow-ups.

To review all sales generated through Fitterntiy platform, FitnessForce’s collection & sales reports can be utilised. Data includes sales numbers, amount of revenue collected and medium of payments for the purchases.

FitnessForce software eliminates the manual tasks for Fitternity. Furthermore, adds value to optimize operations of fitness centers and the gym owners.

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