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Increase your member base – Your existing members can Gift a membership to their family and friends

Growing the member network and increasing the sales of your gym is always essential to the business. We spend time…

Growing the member network and increasing the sales of your gym is always essential to the business. We spend time on building our marketing plans and tons of money investing in executing them. The sole purpose is to ensure that we get more potential members to join our gym and increase our sales.

Increasing your member network is now easy with FitnessForce Gift a membership feature enabling your existing members to Gift a membership to their family and friends or anyone else they know.

Gift a membership is a feature that empowers gym’s and enables members to gift a membership based products and services to family and friends in a secure process through a uniquely generated voucher codes.

Members can approach the nearest gym where the sales team or the front office executive can generate vouchers for memberships in the form of a gifts. These vouchers can be provided in hard copy or through email.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Feature Configuration: Settings – Gift a Membership – Generate Gift Membership (Top left corner)
  • Purchase page: Additional Payment – Gift a membership – Purchase – Submit
  • Redeem page: Gift a membership – enter gift voucher code – Redeem – Submit

‘Gift A Membership’ Product Master page will display all products offered for member purchase. This setting is available on the web and can be configured for display on mobile as required.

Note: This feature is only available to the FitnessForce clients who have a mobile application for their members.


With the below instance functionality of the feature can be explained:

  1. Generation & Sale
    • Ali is a member of your gym and he learns that your gym has a branch in his home town.
    • He decided that he will gift membership in your gym to his brother, who lives in the home town.
    • Ali opens the gym’s mobile application and navigates to the ‘Gift A Membership’ option on the left side menu.
    • He fills in the details like his brother’s email ID and membership type.
    • This will take him to the cart page.
    • Ali proceeds to pay for the membership
    • He lands on the success page upon successful payment for the Gift Voucher.
  2. Redemption
    • Ali’s brother receives an email containing the Voucher Code for the membership purchased by Ali.
    • The email contains the step-by-step process to redeem the Voucher Code.
    • Ali’s brother downloads the mobile application and navigates to the ‘Redeem A Membership’ option on the left side menu.
    • He enters the Voucher Code that he received in the mail and clicks on ‘Redeem’. He can now see the details of the membership.
    • After clicking on ‘Submit’, Ali’s brother successfully redeems the Gift Voucher and becomes a member of your gym.

You gained a new member and, in a way, strengthened the community of your gym by giving two people a sense of shared experience!

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