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Gym management software compliance with SOP norms in India by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

The Government of India has announced reopening of gyms under Unlock 3.0 effective August 05, 2020 and has shared SOPs…

The Government of India has announced reopening of gyms under Unlock 3.0 effective August 05, 2020 and has shared SOPs / guidelines on Preventive Measures to Contain Spread of COVID-19.

We are excited to be back to work and start our daily fitness regime again. However, we also need to be prepared with the new norms of the Fitness Industry in the unlock phase.

The concept of normal is redefined amidst the pandemic. Social distancing and hygiene is the new normal. And for us to understand the redefinition, awareness of the standard operating procedure guidelines is necessary. However having the right tools to support the functioning of the gyms with the prescribed standards is also extremely critical.

As your technological backbone, we want to continue to support your business flourish and grow through the period on unlock. Our below mentioned features enable us to continue supporting your journey through fitness and growth.

SOP reference: 4.b.iv All members, visitors and staff may consider using Aarogya Setu application for risk identification at all times inside the yoga institute/gymnasiums.

Aarogya setu app compliant

Reserve.Fit is an online reservation platform for booking slots and is integrated with the Aarogya setu app. The online app will enable the operating norms through the online process.

SOP reference: 4.a.viii.b Implementing ‘fitness sessions’ for particular exercise areas with requirements for members to register (ideally online) for specific sessions.

4.b.viii Staggering of members/ visitors to be done, with separate timing slots, to allow for adequate physical distancing and disinfection of premises & equipment.

4.b.viii Details of check-in and checkout times of members and visitors must be recorded (name, address and phone number)


Reserve.Fit is an online reservation platform for pre-booking slots for personal training and classes. For gym members, It is a fast and easy reservation system where they can book pre-allocated gym slots configured by the gym staff and trainers. The reservation system will automatically provide details of the members like name, address and phone number post the booking of the slots.

Booking online pre-reserved slots will ensure registration for specific sessions. Pre-bookings will enable separate timing slots, to allow for adequate physical distancing and disinfection of premises & equipment.

SOP reference: Promote card based/contactless payment.

Purchase portal/ e-commerce portal

No direct contact and no surface touching policy is one of the most important part of the standard operating procedures. Hence avoiding cash or card transactions is extremely critical. The purchase portal provides members and gym prospects a secured online access. Gym members can self-register to your gym, manage their information, select payment methods and effectively buy the membership. All transactions carried out digitally helps you mitigate the worry of any surface contact risks.

SOP reference: Promote card based/contactless payment.

Digital waiver

Self-declaration forms from the gym member’s admission to be kept available at center reception is another mandate. This involves manual transaction and paperwork. Digital waiver feature enables this process to be completed online and also mitigates surface contact touch of the papers.

SOP reference: 4.a.planning.iii Offering group fitness classes online, wherever possible

Work out from home videos

This feature enables your gym members who are still not confident to leave their homes in the unlock period. Or for the gym members that may be unwell on a day.  The feature will enable you to display workout videos on the Member App.

These videos can be of exercises with no equipment or with little equipment usually found at homes. You can classify videos under different categories and your members can watch them whenever they want to work out.

Book personal training appointments and class bookings through Member App or member portal

Empower your members to book their own appointments at fingertips. And the trainers to manage their schedules with our Book Appointment Feature. Book appointment feature in the member mobile app enables gym members to book their personal training appointments. With this feature members can book, reschedule, cancel and receive notifications on the go!

SOP reference: 4.a.Planning & Scheduling.iv.c – Personal training in yoga institutes/gymnasiums : Limit the number of clients per session & ensure adequate spacing amongst all clients.

Trainers can manage appointments on the go

Staff application enables trainers or the staff to view and book appointments, accept or reject appointment requests on the go. It allows the trainers or the staff to set their availability as per their schedules.  In the unlock period, this flexibility will enable staff and members to manage their time and slots more efficiently. Staff can assign trainers to unassigned members. It makes it convenient and user friendly for the staff. Staff to take decisions on the go as there is no dependency on the web application.

SOP reference: 4.a.Planning & Scheduling.v.a – Shifts and attendance to be planned to ensure social distancing.

Shift Management

Staff management feature enables to manage the attendance, shift and breaks of all the staff at the gym. The planning and scheduling of the staff can be managed through this feature to ensure social distancing and staggered shifts can be managed in the fitness centers.

FitnessForce gym management software with the available features will enable your gym and business to continue with seamless operations. And support your unlock journey of Fitness to fit the SOP adherence and standards.

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