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Different Types of Reports

As a gym owner, you look after important tasks and tools that help to scale up your business and get you potential customers. One of them is reports. When you run a gym, it is always crucial for you to know the progress of your gym and the way forward. Reports help you evaluate your current performance of the gym giving you a better understanding of profit and loss statement. This gives you an idea on how to strategize further by looking at the various aspects in the reports. Reporting is the fundamental part of managing any business and leading it to grow. Business reports are the regular provision of information to the decision makers to help them in their work. They help you analyze a situation and apply business theories to produce a range of suggestions for improvement.

Why to check the reports?

Using various tools and data, reports help you showcase different aspects of your gym business and where you need to focus. As a gym owner, you may wish to increase the sales, ensure a proper clientele database, have a record on the marketing of your business, check on the collections, maintain healthy staff attendance and ensure security of the gym if you have bio-metric installed at your gym or health clubs. Reports will help you analyze all the above situations. Checking reports on a regular basis helps you to figure out not only the current scenario of the gym but also your way ahead. Sometimes it can be tricky to generate proper reports with so much data. FitnessForce Gym Management Software can regulate the entire reporting process and work your way out. The software helps you analyze your income, balances, renewals and much more. By categorizing and sectioning various aspects of your gym business like Marketing, Sales, Finance, etc., you can scrutinize which aspect needs your intervention the most. This can help you drive your energy at the right place and right time to ensure the success of your gym.

What are the different types of reports essential for managing your gym?

  • Balance Report
  • Bills & Receipts Report
  • Calendar Report
  • Client Database Report
  • Collection Report
  • Email Report
  • Enquiry Report
  • Follow Up Report
  • Membership Activation / Purchase Report
  • Membership Expiry Report
  • Referral Report
  • SMS Report
  • Staff Attendance Report
  • Access Control ( Member Attendance Report)
  • Additional Payment Report
  • Trial Report
  • Upgrade Report

These are just to name a few. There are lot more reports which will give you informed decisions and great understanding of your gym insights.

Critical reports

By far, we have understood the importance of reports to control your gym business. But out of all the reports mentioned above, there are three most important ones that require your attention the most and shouldn’t be overlooked. These are called Critical reports. These are the reports that need to be evaluated to look what areas have the most potential to generate more sales and revenue. The three Critical reports are Collection, Membership Renewal and Enquiry.

  1. Collection Reports: Collections are the backbone of your business. It is the money you have received in hand. It reflects how well your strategies are doing to generate more sales and hence more revenues.
  2. Membership Renewal Reports: Membership Renewal reports show the progress of your gym. They reflect if your customers are happy and would like to renew their memberships or not. By analyzing the data of this report, you can study who are your potential and loyal customers. This will also help you to figure out marketing tactics to get more renewals. You can ensure a healthy atmosphere for your members in the gym and hence generate more sales.
  3. Enquiry Reports: Enquiries are the first step to closing sales. You may be getting a lot of enquiries at the gym but it becomes tricky to keep a track of the number of people who have enquired and if they have been converted into members yet. Enquiry reports help you to get the right data to generate your prospects into loyal members. More the enquiries, better the closure value.

With FitnessForce Gym Management Software, these three reports can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can access them through your Smartphone on the go.  Now you don’t need to be baffled by the numbers anymore.

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