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Improve your gym visibility and communication with Member Portal

With development in technology, fitness industry is relying more on gym management software to boost their business online. Member portal…

With development in technology, fitness industry is relying more on gym management software to boost their business online. Member portal enables engagement with your gyms anytime and anywhere, on a go! and supports this boost.

What’s in for the gyms with member portal?

  • Increase your gym visibility and communicate easily with members:

Keep your members engaged and hooked on to your gym updates and news to ensure that you always have their attention. Communicate class reminders and appointment with gym members with an ease and on a go!

  • Branding and design:

Improve your fitness center branding and design with mobile portal. Branding helps develop trust, to generate new customers. A healthy brand encourages customer referrals to grow your business.

Lesser the administrative and transaction work, better it is! Your gym staff need not communicate back and forth with the members for bookings, rescheduling and cancellation of classes and appointments. Eliminate your gym staff to coordinate with your trainers for their schedules to communicate with the members. No more paperwork for digital waivers that can be signed and accepted directly for new membership purchase.

  • Provide value for your members and increase customer satisfaction:

With the member portal, members can now view the availability of classes and personal trainers. Now, do not have to worry about overcrowded classes and turning down members. Members will be informed on changes or cancellations.

  • Less empty classes and no-shows for appointments:

With the rescheduling and cancellation facility, slots can be made available. Basis this trainers can amend their schedules and appointments to ensure avoiding empty classes. This eliminates no shows, having the trainers wait for the members to turn up for their sessions.

What’s in for the gym members with the member portal?

  • Enable members to view their profile for status of activation, expiration of membership and freeze details.
  • Members can explore various centers for multi-facility gyms and look for locations.
  • Enable members to buy and renew memberships on the web application with eased purchasing options.
  • Purchase gift a membership or gift voucher where members can buy membership or vouchers to gift to their family or friends who are existing members or non-members.
  • Members will be enabled to redeem a gift membership, that they have been extended by existing members.
  • Track offers and promotions released and run by the gyms.
  • One-day pass can be availed by the members.
  • Book classes and appointments at your convenience.
  • Book personal training appointments.
  • Reschedule and cancel appointments at their ease without intervention of the gym staff.
  • View trainer details, schedules and provide feedback on their sessions.
  • Push notifications and reminders on upcoming classes, cancellation and trainer schedules.

For members who do not use mobile application can log-in via the browser to access member portal.

FitnessForce gym management software‘s member portal has the ability to drive booking and membership sales, create a member community and provide the opportunity for your business to develop and succeed.

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