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It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one!

When a gym owner invests in the business, his main idea is to gain as many members as possible. Each member is important and a lot of attention is paid towards winning over his loyalty. It is always an important aspect in a gym or health club to retain existing clients. A person will enroll in a club for the second or third time only if he/ she feels valued. Hence, it is necessary for the club/gym to pay attention to each and every member and ensure that they do not feel neglected at any point.

FitnessForce Software ensures that you do not lose any of your valuable clients. With FitnessForce Access Control, you can track your member attendance and keep a log of regular and irregular members. The software will automatically send out SMSes and Emails to the irregular clients showing concern for their absence. This will save you the time and effort needed to contact each one of them. And your concern will definitely earn you brownie points from your gym members.

The software will help you schedule a follow up call with the irregular members to enquire about their lack of attendance and request to fix up an appointment with a Fitness Consultant. If it involves, dissatisfaction in the quality of the services provided by the gym, appropriate action can be taken before you lose a valuable member.

Follow up module

Don’t we all love it when somebody makes it a point to remember to wish us on any of our occasions? Especially during anniversaries and birthdays!

At the time of enrolment, all the information of your new members is stored in your client’s profile. The software then sends automated SMS’s and Emails to the members on their respective dates, making them feel cared for.

Also, a follow up will be created to call your members on birthdays and anniversaries offering your wishes to them. This exclusive treatment will definitely earn you some very loyal clients.

The software allows you to set up follow up call with all your new members who recently enrolled at your gym/club for a feedback call. These feedback calls will help you understand your new members. Earn a bunch of happy and loyal members with these small efforts, by efficiently using FitnessForce Club Management Software.

When a client’s membership is about to expire, he/ she tends to start looking at other options. In these competitive times, other gyms will jump at the opportunity and grab these clients. Get moving before this happens!

FitnessForce software keeps you updated about membership expiry, renewal and much more on the Dashboard itself. You can then call them and make sure that they renew the membership immediately.Also, automated SMS’s and Emails can be sent to the clients reminding them about their membership expiry.This special attention will not go unnoticed and clients will love and appreciate the special service provided by the gym.

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