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One-Day Pass feature to turn prospects into members

Buying a membership to a gym is a long term commitment. Before making this commitment prospects often need time. To…

Buying a membership to a gym is a long term commitment. Before making this commitment prospects often need time. To reduce this unwanted gestation period and motivate them to act sooner, FitnessForce gym management software has created the One-Day Pass feature through which the prospects can avail your gym facilities for a whole day.

A full-day access will act as a stimulus for the prospects to actively consider becoming your members and make buying decisions. If the member is in your vicinity or is an infrequent gym user, they can temporarily use your fitness facility.

One day pass is integrated with access control and it works in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: The prospect will select the One-Day Pass feature from Web or Mobile Application.

2: The prospect will sign a waiver and update his/her profile.

3: Purchase the pass after making its payment.

4: Active the pass by logging in to the Mobile Application and scanning the QR Code present at the gym centre.

Gym Admins can follow the below steps to enable One day pass:

Step 1: Create a product for the One-Day Pass by configuring the different settings.

2: Your Account Manager will assist in creating a QR Code.

3: Print the QR Code and place near the access control.

Note: The prospect must have a valid One-Day Pass purchase(s).

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