Payment Gateway Integration with your Gym Software to Grow your Fitness Business

If you're looking for payment integration benefits with gym management software, here's something to ponder over. Payment integration is a…

If you’re looking for payment integration benefits with gym management software, here’s something to ponder over. Payment integration is a deal breaker when you are dealing with a fitness business. No matter how good your gym software is, if it does not have proper payment integration facility, it does not have much use. Any number of features can be added to your gadget, but unless it supports payment gateways, the benefit of additional features may remain negligible.

It is quite obvious that you can easily integrate all the payment methods similar to installing a plugin in your website, but there are certain benefits that you will get using Gym Management Software, which you can’t get from standalone plugins.

Why your gym software needs to integrate with a payment gateway

Payment gateway integration with your gym software gives you the opportunity to offer an extremely fast and seamless user experience to your customers. These payment gateways work much like online shopping portals. Your gym software need to integrate one of these payment gateways before you can begin accepting payments through your website or mobile applications. Your customers will be able to make purchases within your gym when they have a preferred payment method already set up on their credit card.

How payment gateway integration with your gym software benefits your fitness business

  1. One-stop payment solution to manage your start-up, small scale or enterprise fitness business.
  2. Enjoy a diverse ecosystem of customized payment solutions to operate your business seamlessly, securely and efficiently.
  3. Seamlessly accept payments from all major credit cards around the world on web or mobile applications.
  4. Localized payment gateway solutions
  5. Accept fast and secure payments from anywhere
  6. Give your members a seamless and hassle-free experience

Understanding the necessity and importance of the payment gateway FitnessForce ensures that all regions have the benefits to grow their fitness business.

With FitnessForce payment integration system, new membership or renewals can be done through one time payment or through recurring subscription.

Payment integration is available in the following regions:

  • India
  • Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Payment integration with gym management software helps you to create and manage member accounts and provide memberships from online store through a secure connection. Completing the process on the internet increases simpler access for gym members, improves sales conversions, saves money by minimizing transaction fees, and provides tracking for all e-commerce transactions.

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