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POS Integration for automatic capture of information and reconciliation of transactions

Manual entering of relevant information is required for using a disconnected POS machine. These manual operations leads human errors or…

Manual entering of relevant information is required for using a disconnected POS machine. These manual operations leads human errors or sometimes even fraud resulting in increasing the gym’s workload. Occurrences like these, impacts member experiences and makes the gyms look unprofessional.

FitnessForce gym management software has introduced an integration for the POS machine which will eliminate these drawbacks and bring in operational accuracy and efficiency.

With an integrated POS machine, the web application will automatically transmit the amount to the machine. The member will just swipe the card, enter the pin and the bill will be generated.

An integrated POS machine will capture purchase details automatically like amount, authorization code, card type, etc. If the software is already integrated with FitnessForce, the system will perform auto-reconciliation.

To enable this feature:

• You will need to have a POS machine. Currently, FitnessForce supports integration with the Spectra T1000 machine.

• Your account manager will help you configure the POS integration settings from the back-end of the FitnessForce Software.

• For each center, enable/disable using the company level POS settings. Here we will specify the vendors and the machine key for each device and each center under the company.

• Integrate the POS machine with the FitnessForce extension from the Google Chrome browse. The browser can be download from the Chrome Webstore.

• FitnessForce will provide a utility that will require installation.

Note: This integration is available only for

a. Region- Saudi Arabia
b. Provider- GeIdea
c. Models- Verifone, Spectra, etc.

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