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QR Code on KSA e-Invoices is now available on FitnessForce Software

e-Invoices are mandatory in Saudi Arabia as of 4 December 2021. The resolution imposes electronic invoicing on resident taxpayers and…

e-Invoices are mandatory in Saudi Arabia as of 4 December 2021. The resolution imposes electronic invoicing on resident taxpayers and third parties acting on behalf of them. All tax invoices (B2B invoices), simplified tax invoices (B2C invoices), and debit/credit notes are under this scope.

The minimum requirements that must be shown after scanning a QR code are the following fields, which should be represented in form of based64 encoding:

  1. Seller’s name.
  2. VAT registration number of the seller.
  3. Time stamp of the invoice (date and time).
  4. Invoice total (with VAT).
  5. VAT total.

How does the e-invoicing system in Saudi Arabia work?

When it is complete, the KSA e-invoice system is expected to be a clearance model similar to India GST e-invoice model: Invoices in machine-readable format – XML invoice or PDF invoice with XML embedded – will be cleared by the Tax Authority before being presented to the final customer. The e-invoicing regulation is divided into two phases:

1. The first phase will comprise mandatory e-invoice generation and archiving as of 4 December 2021. Invoicing software must be able to generate all the invoices and associated notes in electronic format. E-invoices must contain the mandatory fields defined by the tax authority and comply with all the business and validation rules. Tax invoices must contain the buyer’s VAT registration number (if registered). Finally, simplified tax invoices must include a QR code so that individuals can check the validity of an invoice by scanning from a mobile device.

2. The second phase, integration with the ZATCA e-invoice portal and submission of e-invoices will begin on 1 January 2023. According to the resolution, the tax authority will gradually mandate integration for different groups of companies. The companies under obligation will be published no later than 6 months before the deadline.

All the invoices issued shall be transmitted to the e-invoice portal within 24 hours after generation.

How can Fitness Software QR code invoice help you?

  • Fitness Software QR code invoices can automatically create and send electronic invoices to the tax authority and trade partners.
  • Fitness Software QR code invoices can generate invoices in the required format by the tax authority.
  • Integration and document exchange with the Tax Authority through Fitness Software QR code invoices or any connector chosen by the client.

With FitnessForce software the new KSA QR code invoice mandate is now handled end to end.


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