Save Gyms and Fitness Centers – they are essential, have been hit hard, and need relief now

The pandemic and multiple lock-downs has impacted the world economy and forced businesses to close. Fitness Industry among all the…

The pandemic and multiple lock-downs has impacted the world economy and forced businesses to close. Fitness Industry among all the businesses have been the worst to have been impacted.

Just like other businesses, the fitness industry is experiencing trough

Government-mandated shutdowns and operating restrictions has affected local gyms and fitness studios and they may never open again. Gyms and fitness centers were among the initial businesses that were forced to close shops and also last to open in most states as mandated by the Governments norms.

Limited by restrictions and eligibility requirements, gyms, yoga studios, and fitness facilities have been unable to fully participate in government aided relief programs. We believe that many small and mid-sized fitness centers will be forced to close because there is not enough help available to offset the losses they have experienced due to  closures and class size limits. Thousands of community gyms and fitness studios across are teetering on the brink of closure. But the government could make a difference if would provide targeted assistance and help to keep them going.

Community gyms and fitness centers need support

Multiple fitness facilities have already closed, and gym owners fear that one out of three gym may have a chance of shutdown before 2021 without direct aid. Global fitness industry face higher closure rates than other hard-hit industries, like restaurants and bars. It is estimated that an average gym owner only stands a one in three chance (36%) of thriving if Government does not provide any support or aid.

Building the health and immunity of the People

In these unprecedented times, health and wellness of individuals is a core importance of the nation and while there are many ideologies that can be adopted for the same there is no denying the importance of health and fitness centres that offer a platform to its members to avail these services and improve their health.

  • Fitness and exercise not only ensures a healthier lifestyle but also helps build immunity and cardiovascular health
  • People need the professional guidance offered to better utilize exercise principles to better train at home

Community gyms and fitness centers need help from the government to return health and address the growing crises of obesity, chronic disease, and depression of the world population. The only silver lining to save the current situation is aid from the government authorities.


Wilma Lasrado Dcosta

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