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Sell gym memberships online with your branded e-commerce portal

The purchase portal provides members and gym prospects a secured online access to self-register to your gym, manage their information,…

The purchase portal provides members and gym prospects a secured online access to self-register to your gym, manage their information, select payment methods and effectively buy the membership. The online payment method simplifies your gym membership purchases by mitigating the redundant manual tasks and improving your gym’s revenue.

Highlights of the feature:

  • Language selection preference if your region is multi lingual
  • Gym locator section allowing members to choose a branch intuitively
  • Display offers and memberships
  • Allow uploading documents for verification purpose (e.g. employee id card, government id)
  • Allow members to use coupon code for any promotions or offers
  • Integrated digital waiver for paperless security
  • Banking grade secured online payment
  • Integrated flow of this portal with gym management software will update your access control hardware, create and email invoice confirmation and take care of any other automation policies you might have set.

With the purchase portal boost your gym’s engagement with your members or prospects, increase your member network and gym’s revenue with a secured online environment.

Wilma Lasrado

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