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Top 4 Gym Must-Have’s – Here’s What People Want In a Gym

As leaders in the fitness industry, we must take a step back and ask ourselves, “What do people want in…

As leaders in the fitness industry, we must take a step back and ask ourselves, “What do people want in a gym?” “How is our gym different from all the other specialty gyms out there?” Many of us have been climbing the ladder of success for so long that we seem to have lost sight of what is really important. Yes, for some it’s about that next award, being recognized as a leader in the space, or even getting rich. But at our core, we are about one thing: helping others be healthy and live their best lives.

If I asked you, “What do you want in a gym?” what would you say? Most people seem to go straight to the equipment, and we all know how subjective opinions can be. If you are an owner, you want your gym to stand out from the competition. For this reason alone, it is essential to understand how to develop a gym that people will enjoy and want to work out in.

In order to discuss what the gym experience looks like today, we need to move away from the data and spend some time shadowing people at actual clubs to better understand what members value most.

Be social

It is no longer a secret that being social has revolutionised the fitness industry. Not so long ago, gyms were abandoned spaces where overweight people we’re hiding away from social interactions in order to indulge in their guilty pleasures. Before, they would just do it behind closed doors. Today, this all changed. Not only are people now aware of the health benefits of being social, like getting into shape and weight loss plateau busting, but also the economic benefits it brings about when keeping fit. Being social today involves:

  • Organize some events

To provide great customer service, consider hosting customer-facing events where employees (front office executive, sales force, trainers, nutritionist) from your gym can meet with potential and current customers. You can even target these events to key business areas. At these events, you can discuss workout regimes, demos, pricing, specials and more. You may even be able to try out your gym equipment, health drinks, goodies or trainer experience before sending them out to potential customers.

  • Be social and communicate with your members with your website
  • Keep customers engaged on social media

With over 2.5 billion people actively using social media as of 2020, it’s important for your business to have a presence on social media. There are many different ways you can start marketing your fitness business using social media and your social media content should be like a conversation with your customers. Social media is the cheapest and easiest tool to keep your customers engaged and motivated at all times.

Be affordable

Members are the backbone your business – so they’re always top of mind. Sometimes you have to make a decision that isn’t the best for them individually; but what concerns them is that they feel you’re doing what’s in the best interest of them as a whole. No matter the quality of service you provide, if your pricing isn’t attractive enough, then you’re not going to do that well.

Be Flexible

Do you think you know what members want from a gym? You might, but do you really know? If you’re in the fitness industry, be flexible! Your goal is to keep your members so you’d better figure out how to make them happy.

Lets face it, we live in a busy world where everyone is trying to get more out of their life. This is why the fitness industry has grown so rapidly over the last decade. It has strived to adapt to people’s needs and wants, but often forgets that members are the most important part of a gym. Currently, health and fitness clubs are not enough focused on their member’s success, many even relying on a single strategy: spend money on fancy equipment and personal training sessions in order to attract more clients. However, recent trends show that members want something different from their gyms: flexibility.

How to give gym members the most value for their money

Provide Convenience to your members

Do you want to run a successful health club and be popular among members? Then you need to know what members want from their fitness center. All members have the same goal: they are looking for a gym where they can work-out conveniently and have the best exercise experience.

  • Sell membership online

Provide the ease and simplicity to your members to buy new membership or renew their existing membership online through your website, purchase portal or through a mobile application. This facilitates convenience and ease to members at the same time improves sales conversions, saves money by minimizing transaction fees, and provides tracking for all e-commerce transactions for you.

  • Class and personal appointment booking

Keep your members engaged and hooked on to your gym updates and news to ensure that you always have their attention. Communicate class reminders and appointment with gym members with an ease and on a go! They can schedule, reschedule or cancel a class with ease and least coordination with the gym staff.

  • E-commerce

Engage your members and ease their purchase offers. One of the best ways streamline gym operations is to simply purchase product inventory online. Fitness centers are also able to see how many visitors are coming in and out of their facility which helps them determine if there are any promotions running that could bring in more customers. At the same time you can provide convenience to your members to purchase products and offers online.

Community building

Create an environment that members feel comfortable in. This will enhance the member experience and make them feel like they’re a part of your fitness center. The more time you spend working to make your fitness community a welcoming place, the more likely you are to retain members. Social media is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this.

  • Plan community hikes or take class outside: Take your workout outdoors. Change in the environment and atmosphere once in a while is always a welcome and highly motivates the customers. Conduct once a month class on a beach or in midst of the greenery of the park. Group or community hikes is a great boost both for socializing and outdoor workouts.


Personalization always, always goes a long way. Being identified and addressed on first name basis gives a customer the feeling that yes, they are important at the fitness center. For trainers and gym staff to learn their customers names and addressing them on their first name basis will definitely motivate to keep coming back.

Another way to personalize is to value your customer presence of daily basis. For some reason if they have missed a class or session, next day check with them if they are okay. They missed a class because of their busy schedule, were they sick or it simply gives you an opportunity to check on them it they are losing focus when its time for you to motivate them to get back to their workout regime.

Ask for feedback

Customer feedback forms play a vital role in ensuring that member experience is top-notch and that you’re continually providing the best possible service to your clients. A feedback mechanism can always will keep your customer motivated knowing that their opinion matters and is valued.


Most people starting a new exercise program do not think about what they want in a gym. They think about what they are good at and what exercises will help them reach their fitness goals. However, when you open a gym, your members will expect the gym to be set up according to how they like to work out. That means you can’t just cut corners on certain things and say ‘my members won’t mind’. Your members will mind.

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