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Write Engaging Subject Lines In Fitness Marketing Emails

If you are in the fitness industry, this article can help your email campaign. You must know how to write…

If you are in the fitness industry, this article can help your email campaign. You must know how to write great subject lines especially when you are sending out one email and you have no idea if it will be opened. Subject lines are the first step of every marketing campaign and your email newsletter list is no different. Great subject lines engage, connect and motivate readers to open your emails.

Marketers commonly use subject lines in emails to catch our attention. Your regular gym buddy probably sends you a string of emails, but how would you respond when spammed with the same boring subject lines? I bet you won’t even read them! But how easily can you get caught up in a spam email? Have you ever noticed that if an email has a very intriguing subject line, it just goes straight to the trash? This is what marketers refer to as the “subject line trap” because you, at most cases, tend not to open an email based on its subject line alone.

The fitness subject line is an overlooked marketing strategy that many people don’t take full advantage of.

Just like any other business, the fitness industry is full of competition. You have to come up with new and ever-more effective ways to attract attention to your business if you hope to be successful. For many years, email marketing campaigns were a great way for fitness businesses to market themselves effectively. These days though, there are many different things you can do with your marketing campaign to get people’s attention and make sure they check out your website (and buy what you have to offer). The use of the subject line has often been overlooked by fitness marketers as a part of their marketing strategy that could be improved in order to bring in more customers.

Here are 6 tips to create smart and engaging subject lines to attract your audience to click and read the emails.

Pique your readers’ curiosity

“To get a new customer”, “To get your body in shape”.

Subject line plays an important role in inbox marketing. Emails with more engaging and provocative subject lines will get more opens and clicks. It captures attention of email recipient. In short a curious subject line lets you get your audience read and pay attention to your emails largely.

Catchy Subject Lines

It is actually difficult to write an investigative and catchy email subject for your fitness industry email. The main reason is that we are creating fitness industry emails almost every day. Thus, we are used to a certain style of writing this type of activity. It would be a good idea if you can create something new and unusual, something no longer seen before in the market.

Keep it short and to the point

Creating email subject lines that entice recipients to click is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Keep them short and to the point, and you’ll catch their attention!

Cleverly crafted to the description

To me, open rates are relatively easy to get if your subject line is cleverly crafted. I’ve been in the marketing industry for more than a decade now and have received countless email lessons that taught me how to get someone to open my email. A lot of them didn’t work. Sending boring emails won’t encourage someone to open your mail.

Drop a Hint

This technique works in new ways for different subjects. Use an enticing subject line to increase the likelihood of your email getting opened. By spending time to create a clickable and compelling sentence in your subject line, the aim is to entice your reader.

Target Your Audience

Subject lines are very important for emails – they attract readers to open the email. Many marketers leave the subject line blank or use general subject lines such as: “Important Information”, “Action Required”, “Something That You Should Know”, etc. But with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, you can come up with awesome and attractive subject lines by targeting your audience.

Subject line holds the key to the success of the email marketing. But there a lot of things needs to be kept in mind for create an attractive as well as effective email subject line.

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