FitnessForce offers you just what you need to make running your enterprise easy! A web-based CRM software that will help you manage your Health Club from anywhere at any time of the day or night. Fitness Force, along with a team of excellent IT professionals, bring you a club management software that will provide you excellent and absolutely reliable solutions, to efficiently manage not only your gym, but any business in the health, fitness or sports sector with ease.

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Gym and Fitness Industry

FitnessForce is a club management software that helps you deal with the tedious tasks of administrating a gym. It takes care of everything from daily operations, memberships and billing to campaign or offers, POS sales, online payments! It even helps you track member attendance and staff attendance. Inventory management was a difficult task! With FitnessForce software, it couldn’t get easier. It helps you keep track of minor issues, so that you can solve them at the right time. Analysis of business needs has never been faster. All in all, it is a one stop solution that ensures you can enhance your sales and effectively manage your Heath Clubs.

Yoga and Pilates Studio

Yoga and pilates have become popular forms of exercise for their peace inducing properties. However, managing a yoga and pilates studio can take the peace out of your life. FitnessForce understands the problems faced during management of such a studio. We offer you solutions to make this journey easy. Auto messages can be sent to members to remind them of the next scheduled class using FitnessForce software. Set the class timings and dates, and recurring messages shall be sent out to your valuable clients. Also, you can set the minimum and maximum count capacity of the class within the software, and the rest shall be taken care of.

Spa and Salon

The software by FitnessForce keeps a record of all the transactions and sales made, of products and services made by your Spa or Salon. An accurate record will help you analyse what sells best and what does not. This will definitely ensure that it is easy for you to control quality and work towards enhancing sales. Also, you can send promotional messages and emails to your valuable clients with ease using this software. It also helps you keep track of staff attendance and helps make appointments and even changes in appointment timings without much manual effort.

Fitness Academies

We at FitnessForce have developed a software that ensures you have a smooth journey managing your fitness academy. The club management software keeps track of enrolments and helps you manage batches. All you need to do is feed the minimum and maximum count per batch. Automated SMS’s regarding class timings can be sent with ease using this software. This works not only for single sessions but can also be used for recurring sessions, provided you enter the dates and timings of the same.

Music School

We at FitnessForce understand the challenges you usually face, while ensuring smooth running of a music school. We provide you an easy to use software, to make it as simple as possible. The software keeps an accurate record of all student enrolments and fee transactions. It also keeps track of student attendance and timings. You can send out automated SMS’s to students or parents regarding class timings without much effort. Opt for this customised solution and make administrating your music school an absolute pleasure.

Personal Training

Organizing Personal Training sessions in your gym or health club can be a really tedious task. FitnessForce understands that and gives you a one stop solution to all your administrative problems. Apart from keeping tabs on money transactions and billing details, you can use this software to make one-on-one appointments between the trainers and members. Customize the workout schedule for the client using this efficient club management software. It records member progress for you by tracking their measurements, diet recall and diet prescriptions etc. Another excellent feature is the automated personal training renewal reminders you can send to clients whose memberships are about to expire. Opt for FitnessForce, and bid goodbye to all administration hassles.

Aerobics and Dance Studios

People have started opting for more and more fun workouts like Aerobics and Dance. However, these activity classes need a lot of co-ordination and scheduling. We at FitnessForce, offer you the perfect solution. The club management software is just want you need to get more organized and systematic. The software, schedules and manages classes for you and informs the students about the timings via automated SMS’s and E-mails. The timings can be changed by the software based on availability of trainers and space, and the students are informed automatically. Also, you can set a recurring class by simply entering the minimum and maximum count limit and the dates of the scheduled classes. Reminders are also sent out to the trainers and members some time before the class timing so that everybody makes it on time. The software keeps a record of every class, and also of all the fee payment transactions. Manage your studio effectively with minimum effort, by using this fantastic software.

Colleges and Universities

The software by FitnessForce can be used by colleges and universities to ensure effective and error free administration. The software keeps track of student attendance and automated messages or e-mails can be sent in case of a shortcoming. You can use it to keep an accurate record of the fee payments. Staff attendance can be tracked with ease. Use this software to ensure effective course management.

Slimming Centres

Slimming centres can use the software by FitnessForce to ensure excellent management. The transactions regarding sale of products or services are recorded. Analysis of sales can be easily performed to maintain quality control. The software helps you keep track of staff attendance. Appointment reminders and promotional messages can be sent with ease, to concerned clients. All in all, this software ensures that you can manage your slimming centre without putting in much effort.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs usually have multiple forms of exercises and fitness activities happening at the same time. Also, there are multiple sales of services and products that happen at once. It is important to keep track of everything to ensure that the administration goes on smoothly and no inconvenience is caused to the management or the members of the club. This can be done easily, using the software developed by the skilled professionals at FitnessForce. The software can be used to keep an accurate account of all kinds of payments made towards services or products. It also keeps a record of staff and member attendance. You can send automated messages to clients, using this software. Ensure error-free administration and excellent service to your valuable members using this effective and reliable software.

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