Sales & Marketing

The most crucial component of a successful business is sales and a lot depends on how the sales are managed. Our software ensures that you do not miss out on a single sales inquiry made through any media. Also, it reminds you to follow up on them from time to time. It also sends out automated messages and emails regarding renewals, upgrades, balances and even member irregularity to all your clients, so that they constantly feel valued and taken care of. This will definitely ensure good flow of sales.

Automated follow-up call scheduling
Sales calls tracking
Daily collection prediction
Up selling management
Sales executive performance tracking

If there is something that constantly bothers an entrepreneur, it has to be sales and sale targets! FitnessForce understands your need to get organized and work effectively towards increased sales with passing time and makes it easy for you. Our software is a one stop solution to all your problems. You can create customized membership plans based on the number of valid days or sessions as per the client’s requirement or budget, keeping in mind your business policies. You can also keep a record of expected new sales through new members or memberships that are due for renewal in a day, week or month. This is a simple technique to calculate your expected revenue in the near future.

The software also helps you to keep track of the sales staff and their performance. You can also keep track of their interactions with prospective and existing clients. Quality checks can be performed to ensure that calls sent out regarding member retention and promotional calls are performed properly and in time.

Automated SMS’s and emails can be sent to clients to renew memberships, clear due payments or upgrade memberships using this effective software. The messages after being drafted can be very easily sent out, even in bulk. Courtesy messages can be sent out to all the members who are irregular to the fitness club, making them feel valued and cared for, ensuring they remain loyal.

Marketing tools and Lead Management

The software developed by the skilled professionals at FitnessForce automatically capture all the leads obtained from the website, the official facebook page of the gym, and even justdial. They are then directed to the software and pre-drafted SMS’s and emails are sent out promoting the entity and offering discounts to all the prospective members.

Enquiry form of Website, Facebook & JustDial linked to Software
Auto assigning of the leads amongst the sales staff
Bulk Sms & Email offers / promotions
Track leads & revenue by various sources & per location

The software by FitnessForce, makes promoting your gym an easy task by sending out automated bulk SMS’s and emails to clients for renewals and also new memberships. These can be sent out to all or selected specific groups as per your requirement. You can now pre-design emailers and SMS template and then, the software ensures that they are sent out properly to every required member.

You can track leads received from all different modes of publicity like fliers, banners, hoardings, newspaper ads, the gym website, word of mouth or even social networking sites like Facebook. The software keeps an account of revenue collected from each mode of publicity. It records everything from locations of the leads to details of the walk in inquiries and helps you work towards more efficient marketing strategies.

Client Management

After sales, the next step is to ensure that the members registered at your gym are happy with the services offered to them. For this, you require a systematic report of every day of every member, since the day of enrollment. This is made easy for you by this amazing software by FitnessForce.

Prospect, member, referral, and trial management
Upload photos to customer accounts
Bulk Sms & Email offers / promotions
Track member fitness assessment and workout schedules
Membership contract and health history management

Every detail of every enrolled member is kept on record by just simply clicking. The client’s medical history, measurements, fitness levels, performance, diet recall, workout schedules etc. are all tracked accurately. Accordingly, a workout schedule can be prepared customized specially for each client, so that they are well taken care of.

You can also send out automated reminders for appointments with trainers or dieticians and for group activities like zumba, dance, yoga etc. to all the necessary clients.

A progress sheet can be sent out to the clients from time to time. The software makes it easy for you to manage membership upgrades, transfers and freezing requests. Apart from all this, you can keep a tab on every communication made between the staff and the customers via telephone or internet.


You no more need to maintain boring bill books and heaps of sheets in your fitness club! The super-efficient software by FitnessForce creates bills and receipts for every transaction with minimum efforts from your end.

Create & Email System generated bills and receipts
Online payment through website
Balance payment tracking
Staff commission tracking

All you need is this software to create, print and email all the bills and receipts for each and every financial transaction made in the gym. It also tracks payments, due dates and purchase history for sale of services as well as products, for you. It also notifies clients for auto-renewal of memberships, a few days before expiry of the duration of valid sessions. It also sends messages to members reminding them to clear pending payments.

Access Control

The gym management is responsible for the security of every member present on the floor. Strengthen the security in your gym by using the software by FitnessForce. It grants access only to members having a valid or authorized membership. Access is denied based on certain business rules like non payment or expiry of membership. It tracks the attendance of members and automatically sends out courtesy messages to the respective people. You can also restrict entry of members based on pending balance payments.

Allow / Disallow access to members based on membership expiry, pending balance.
Allow / Disallow access to members based on time of the day (off peak hours)
Integrated with several card based, thumbprint, palm vein biometric machines
Track staff attendance and work hours

Some gyms have offers for members who attend during off peak hours, that is when there are relatively fewer members around. In case these members start coming during peak hours, the access control feature will disallow them to enter. You can integrate it with either card based entries or thumbprint or even palm vein biometric machines. It also tracks staff attendance and work hours for you. You can receive emails and text alerts on your phone or laptops immediately if an invalid access attempt has been made.

Family/ Corporate memberships

These days families or groups of friends join gyms together, to keep each other motivated and enjoy working out together. Most companies are enrolling employees for workout sessions make sure they have a group of fit and active people working for them.

Prospect, member, referral, and trial management
Comprehensive membership management
Upload photos to customer accounts
Membership upgrades, transfers, and freezing
Appointment and schedule tracking (personal training, massage, nutrition, spa etc.)

Our software, developed by FitnessForce, helps you manage these group or even bulk memberships by linking people together. You can also use filters and decide eligibility criteria’s to make campaigns and group memberships efficiently without any confusion.

Appointment and Class Management

Scheduling and managing timings is a gruelling part of gym management. The software by FitnessForce makes it a simple task for you. You can book appointments, make changes or cancellations in them and even plan activity class timings from anywhere, at anytime! Also, you can send out automated messages or emails to the members for reminders, booking and confirmation of timings. By simply feeding the dates and timings of the classes, you can send them recurring messages too. Not only this, you can also manage a waitlist for the activity classes, trainer timings as per studio availability with absolute ease.

Schedule appointment or classes based on the room & trainers availability
Automated SMS & Email reminders to Members & Staff for upcoming appointments or class
View schedules and appointments from anywhere, anytime
Set an recurring appointments & classes
Manage Commission

Keeping a written record of all the timings of every member on paper is a cumbersome task. You can use this easy to use software to track the number of appointments and classes conducted by the every trainer and the attendance record of all members per slot. This helps you analyse which activities are most popular and brings in more revenue to the business. Also, this efficient software eliminates possibilities of double bookings, over bookings and also, lesser booking for a class, by setting a maximum capacity and also a waitlist limit. Thus, you can utilize the class to accommodate maximum number of interested members. The software also reminds the member and trainers in advance about class cancellations, thus preventing occurrence of any miscommunication.


The software helps you manage not just your members, but also efficiently keep a good track of staff. It helps you record the growth and performance of all the staff members, including their timings etc. You can measure the business growth with custom reports made from time to time and also make performance reports of the gym members in one click!

Financial Reports
Access Control Report
Staff Attendance Report
Sales & Marketing Report
Staff Progress Report
Member Progress Report

The software records everything from the time the prospective client enters to enquire, giving them a free trial period, tracking their attendance, keeping an account of the revenue generated from them and their fitness progress. It also keeps a record of member footfall, staff attendance, absenteeism and many other aspects.


The software helps you do a thorough analysis of the total revenue generated by all kinds of marketing and promotions through different campaigns, services, renewals etc. It also gives you detailed information about the performance of the sales and marketing staff and also the business brought in, by each of them. This helps you upgrade promotions and thus, increase inflow of business.

Enquiry Analysis
Conversion Analysis
Sales Analysis
Staff Analysis
Renewal Analysis

To ensure success in your business venture, you need to do a detailed analysis of all aspects, from time to time. Having disorganized files in hand at such a time can get extremely frustrating! Our software takes care of this for you. The details of every enquiry are stored in the system. This fabulous software also keeps a record of every sale of services and products made in the gym/club. It also keeps track of the staff and their timings and attendance and also reminds you of the renewal memberships due at that point, and then sends out automated messages and emails to all the concerned clients only. It also calculates the revenue collected from the gym floor, personal training and any other activity class like zumba, yoga, dance etc. This helps you analyse where exactly you earn more profit from. It also has a unique feature which helps you understand the revenue collected from different special offers given to the clients. Another useful feature is that it keeps a count of the number of calls made by the staff and also, the number of calls missed by them.

Prepaid System

Using FitnessForce Software, you can create bills for advance payments in member accounts. The credits can then be utilized over a period of time depending on their purchases.

Create bill for advance payment into the members account
Utilize the payment credits as per their purchases

Gym and fitness club owners are no more happy with just sale of gym memberships. They are further enterprising, by selling products like gym merchandise, gym wear, nutrition supplements, protein supplements, books on health etc. Some of them even run juice bars and cafes within the club premises. However, most people do not carry much money to gyms and are unable to make purchases even if they want to. FitnessForce has a great solution to this problem. The members can now deposit some money at the gym office and deductions will be made according to the purchases made from this prepaid account. The software keeps an accurate account of these transactions and even gives you exact details of the last five purchases made at any time.

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