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Get to know FitnessForce API

In addition to our own native technology, FitnessForce develops and maintains an extensive library of web services that allows for integration.

Developers can use FitnessForce’s Public API to access the data from FitnessForce businesses. For example, developers can retrieve class schedules, location information, pricing, join classes and more.

Developers can use FitnessForce’s existing infrastructure of identity management with tokens and do not have to worry about duplicating customer information and maintaining customer passwords for login.

The Public API is an HTTP-based API, that works with any language that has an HTTP library. Requests use standard HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, and DELETE, and all endpoints accept and return data in JSON format.

What to expect

O1 Apply for API Access & sign
the API agreement.
O2 Use the
O3 Get your integration
O4 Activate and
go live.


Site Access

$20 Per month per location
500 MAU included
$5 Every 100 additional MAU
* MAU - Monthly active users (MAU) is the number of unique users who have actively consumed the APIs within the last month (30 days).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MAU?

Monthly active users (MAU) is the number of unique users who have actively consumed the APIs within the last month (30 days).

How do you calculate a user?

In calculating MAU, every user who performs any action via your api integration during a 30-day period is counted only once no matter how many times they have logged in and performed various actions.

What actions qualify a user as an MAU?

A user can perform any action using your api integration. Logging in, opening the app, joining a class and more are actions that a user can perform. There are no limitations on what actions a user can perform.

What is the time frame considered for a MAU?

Any action performed in the last billing month.

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